Brian Adgate
"Abstract landscape paintings of various sizes. Oil on Canvas, and paper."

A Firebird Surrounded
"Silkscreened art and gig posters."

Hany Ahmed
"'Every line means something' - Jean-Michel Basquiat"

Elizabeth Albert
"I take pictures of my children that reveal their complexities and my relationship to them."

All The Kings Men (ATKM)
"The comedic, gender-bending performance troupe, bringing their wholly electrifying, neo-vaudevillian brand of entertainment from Boston to hundreds of venues from Los Angeles to London since April of 2002."

American Beauties
"An original Boston folk-rock band reminiscent of the east coast, LA, and San Francsico folk-rock bands of the late 1960s and early 1970s."

Adria Arch
"I transfrom doodles into enormous icons emblazoned on large canvases creating conversations about space and energy"

Cindy Arias
"Cindy is a local illustrator, cartoonist, and art teacher. She teaches at the Eliot School in Jamaica Plain, and lives in Somerville."


Daniel Lee Belafonte
"Large-scale compositions with a primary focus on layering and texture, achieved through a variety of techniques with a mix of acrylic and plaster."

CoCo Berkman
"Cape Ann Printmaker uses literary imagination and japanese carving tools to create a particular emotional effect."

Matt Bernson
"Figurative artist (painter/animator) who likes drawing on paper with ink, watercolor, graphite, and more. Portraits on canvas in acrylic or oil paint."

Sorin Bica
"Sorin Bica paints large, abstract human figures and relationships in high contrast, vibrant colors and texture."

Jessica Brilli
"Painter of vintage objects."

Michael Francis Brown
"Trees, devils, owls."

Duncan Browne
"Video, and other multimedia work by Duncan Browne. The site will continue to grow."

Bill Buckley
"This artwork is by Bill Buckley, a painter from Saugus, Ma. Paintings of Marthas Vineyard, landscapes, and abstracts. Graduate of The Art Institute of Boston"

Kelly Burgess
"Quiet Photography."

Samantha Evelyn Burgoon
"A writer and collector of images."

Jessica Burko
"Paper quilts & encaustic collage made from original & found materials."


Gloria Calderon-Saenz
"Painting, Printmaking, and Illustration."

Patrick Chaney
"Experiments in the manipulation and re contextualization of audio and video information."

Billy Chi
"Lessons, and Classical and jazz guitar for your special events!"

Stephanie Chubbuck
"Surrealist glass fruit/figurative sculpture"

Emily Cobb
"Watercolor Poems - Dreaming Without Sound"

M. Cotter
"I work in both acrylic and watercolor and utilize vibrant colors and patterns in my work. Subject matter typically includes birds or deer."

Michael Crigler
"My work deals with the exploration of universal life energy through the systems of human, plant, animal and cosmos."


Romina Diaz-Brarda
"Paintings: Cityscapes - Nudes - Tango / Scenic Artist Portfolio"

DiNo (Jon DiNapoli)
"Interconnected Worlds and Visions of an illusory and Highly Symbolic Nature drawn with the Purest of Intentions for Beings of All ages...Mandalas, illusions, and more."

Ryan Douglass
"Comedian, writer, crude notebook drawer."

Dox Belle
"Areas of Expertise: Illustration, Writing, Exalting in overlooked beauty, Sculpture, Sass, Photography, Film/Video, Saucy dancing, & Snuggling."

Dream Weird
"Artists traveling to cities all over the World to collaborate with other artists, network, report back, and document art as it is happening in the world now."

Sean Dunston-Halliday
"Watercolor and pen compositions of different animals and plant parts."

Cathy Durso
"Drawings and mixed media artwork inspired by animals and the natural world. Bookbinding and custom box making."


Elephant Tango Ensemble
"A dedicated society of artists focused on community, creativity, and excellence; known for their original puppetshows featuring live music."


Anthony Feliciano
"A mix of concept art for video games, illustrations, and portraiture."

Ian Fitzgerald
"Solo folk singer, amateur lexicologist."

Jackie Frances
"My art comes from being raised on television,board games,horror movies and 80's video games .A few of my main influences are Sesame Street,The Muppets,Fraggle Rock,Candyland,Chutes and Ladders,Pac Man,Tetris,Stephen King Movies and Hell Raiser."


Doug Gately
"Doug Gately is working in oil paint. To what end, we do not know."

Viktor Genel
"Bridging gaps between unconnected areas of human activity"

Jessica Ginsberg
"photographer, installation artist, and designer."

Marissa Goldman
"Does all sorts of art. Mostly paintings and installation art."

John C. Gonzalez
"Visual artist working in performance, sculpture, painting, and video."


Kyaunna Hall
"I am a photographer who takes photos at events like nightclubs and private family events, I do portraits, and nature photos."

David Hannon
"I am pursuing black and white surrealist collage and drawing, as a vehicle for personal expression. I concentrate on the ethereal, adversely juxtaposed with the concrete."

Howling Boil
"The sound of yesterday's future...today."

Sonya Highfield
"Freelance and fine art photographer."

Fernando Holz
"Singer/songwriter - Live music performances in the Brazilian Jazz style. Performances can be in a solo, duo, trio, quartet or quintet band formation. Teacher: Voice and Brazilian guitar lessons."

Chien-Hwe Carol Hong
"dancer, teacher, choreographer and performer"


Ill Jack Daisy
"A Boston based group combining influences from soul, country and jazz."

Jackie Isfabulous
"Jackie Isfabulous aka Visual artist Jackie Frances is one half of the band BZNM as well as a solo artist.If you can hold a groove Jackie can rock the mic."


Andrew Jerz
"A vicious drunkard, Andrew has been painting since he realized that all good and proper ideals in the world have been rapidly deteriorating since ~1996AD."

Peter Joseph Acoustic
"Fresh acoustic originals to set your soul on fire. Hip Hop R&B Covers that will make your mother move her hips."


Francis Kavanagh
"Wet plate collodion portraits."

Daniel Kanaan
"Flow paintings in oil"

Peter Kimmins
"Graphic design and illustration—including drawings and paintings."

Alexandra King
"Alexandra King, a life-long resident of Massachusetts, is a textile designer and maker who screen prints, draws, weaves and digitally designs."

Jill Kolva
"I carve dried paint to create phantasmogorical abstract works."

Daniel Kornrumpf
"Figurative painter who uses oil paint and embroidery thread."


Heather M. La Force
"I paint quirky portraits of the characters in my life..."

Roscoe LaMontagne
"Can't catch me without pencil and paper."

Victor Lenuzza
"An atmospheric approach to my vision, simplifying reality in oils, obsessed with light and shadow and the spectrum of colors in between."

"Alternative Metal band from Boston, MA. In the realm of Tool and Faith No More"


Ricardo Maldonado
"I enjoy painting nature with color. To me, painting is a search and a discipline. Through painting I see every detail more carefully and consciously."

Millerpede (Jacob Miller)
"Lowbrow/Popart often described as "Picasso Cartoons" backed by a pun name so I dont get sued by the reggae Yakuza."

Phil Musen
"2D art using mostly paint. Usually strange-character driven pieces that the viewer can make up their own mind about."

Joseph Mygan
"Works in photography sound and video ."


Natalia Naman
"Playwright. Script Proofreader/Editor."


Maureen O'Connor
"Contemporary paintings, representational, directly observed of candy, gumball machines, ceramic ducks, flowers & fruit combined with graphic fabric."


A. Campbell Payne
"I am an audiovisual artist, blogger, DJ, and sound engineer based in Concord, Massachusetts. My work explores patterns, chance, repetition, glitches, and transcendence."

Paul Pedulla
"Simple ideas about space and place. Contemporary acrylic-on-canvas paintings."

Kari Percival
"wood cuts and paintings of ecology themes"

Private Shapes
"Private Shapes are a Boston based Indie/Electro Band. We perform orginal music to synchronized visuals."



Gwyn Rohrer
"My work focuses on the feminine and female struggles through the use of the human body, landscapes, sewing, embroidery, and fabric patterns."

Katelyn Rose
"My work is juxtaposition, between things that frighten and fascinate me. It's a contrast between pretty and creepy, patterns, colors, and my obsessions and observations."

Morgan Russell
"As a painter I play with the conflict between observed nature and the intrusions I allow into it."


Henriette Scherft
"Commissioned portraits of pets. Media: charcoal or pastel "

Sage Schmett
"Work with fibers and paper, cardboard and sculpture."

Amy Stever: Peaceable Prints
"Local artist from Brighton, I create hand-screen printed, eco-friendly baby, toddler & adult tees, as well as recycled greeting cards, invitations, and wooden housewares."

Ronnie Stones
"Monsters are scary, robots are cool, jelly beans are tasty, and teddy bears will protect you."

Gary Stubelick
"'TIME ARTIST' Work involves what has or can happen over given periods of time. Most widely known for his "Timelight Picture Studies" which explore the possibilities of drawing & painting with light during a prolonged exposure."




Katherine Vetne
"Katherine Vetne creates intensely pedantic, process-driven work as an attempt to explore and explain her place in a restrictive, rule-based culture."


Ange Wang
"Fine art of varied mediums. Sculpture, charcoal, pen and ink, and paintings."

Chantel Weaver
"Portraits with a pop art edge. Paintings, wood carvings, tshirts and more. Work is heavily contrasted with splashes of color making the work pop right off the page."

Karin Webb
"Character Actor, Dancer, Burlesque performer, Puppeteer, Storyteller, Writer, Director, Teacher, and Creator."

Adam Weber
"I create in any media that i feel will help me transfer my message to the people viewing my art in a way they might understand"

Shannon Wright
"I work in a variety of mediums from drawing and painting to printmaking and sculpture."




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