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Deep in the heart of the fresh and bustling Newmarket District, within one of the many renovated mills, you’ll find a hub of creativity and entrepreneurialism.


CASABLANC is the wild child of Pat Dagle and Cait Danahy. The Blanc Agency, their first creation, is a marketing and design company that has been around since 2011. After a year of growing success, and a yearning to give back to the artistic community in Boston, they opened the first incarnation of CASABLANC in Cambridge. The idea was to give brick and mortar retail access to emerging artists. A half gallery, half office space hybrid, the location saw artists given their own production space as well as a place for the artists to offer their goods to the public.


However, with rising fees, the folks of CASABLANC started seeking to relocate to make things more affordable for their artists. Enter Norfolk Avenue in Newmarket. Embracing a mall-style, micro-retail mindset they went to work renovating the warehouse they now call home.


Always embracing the DIY nature of their punk beginnings, Pat and Cait have brought together multiple artists throughout the years. Whether they are photographers, wood-workers, painters, sculptors, or the crafters of custom beehives, the doors are open to anyone and everyone at the House of Blanc.

In that line of thinking, the main goal of CASABLANC is for the artists there to perfect their craft while also crafting an identifiable brand; something seen as a reluctance within certain circles of the artistic community. The retail spaces and access to the Blanc Agency allows the artists to cultivate habits that will enable their own survival as well as the enhancing of their own business. As Dagle puts it, “We all have bills to pay.”

The location itself also enables access for all of surrounding communities. Go to any event there and you will see people from neighborhoods all over Boston. This is something that CASABLANC is looking to highlight: the Boston art identity. Growing tired of comparisons to San Francisco, LA, or Brooklyn, CASABLANC is looking to create something uniquely Boston.


They also seek to bring the wide range of artistic communities together. As mentioned, you’ll find a wide range of artists taking up residency at the House of Blanc, but, if you go to their open markets, or other monthly events, you’ll like encounter live bands, working fashion designers, and others.


While already proven to be quite successful, CASABLANC is far from achieving their overall goals. There are already plans in place to open up a satellite location in Miami that would bring the CASABLANC brand and ethos down south. The sky is the limit for the Blanc Agency and their growing community.

CASABLANC is located at 169 Norfolk Avenue, in Newmarket, Boston. They host monthly open markets as well as other live events. Check out for more details.