Samantha Burgoon

Samantha Burgoon is an art historian involved in the promotion of exhibitions and creative events in Boston, MA. She is the founder of the local initiative Boston Art Underground, as well as the editor of its associated blog, curator of its exhibitions, and the do-er of whatever else needs to get done. Samantha Burgoon received her BFA in Art History from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design.

In addition to her work fostering Boston's creative community, Burgoon is a working artist and writer. Her works take the form of free-form prose and mixed-media painting. She is also a contributor to Fjords Review as well as Collective Lifestyle. In her free time, she drinks a lot of coffee, takes a lot of pictures, and tries not to fall asleep anywhere that she shouldn't. You can see the results of all of this hard work by visiting her websites at: &


Anna Dunbar

Anna received her Bachelor of Arts in Art History from Bridgewater State University with a minor in Anthropology. The arts have been a part of her very core since she took her first dance class in elementary school. Anna has a particular passion for sculpture, architecture, protest and public art. She has had the pleasure of working as the Administrative and Financial Assistant for the Multicultural Arts Center in East Cambridge. She began her career as an arts writer in April 2013 as a Contributing Writer for Boston Art Underground. Since then, Anna is the founder and writer for Unlimited Edition Arts. She has also had the honor and privilege of writing for The Umbrella Community Arts Center and Droste Effect Magazine. Anna is beyond thrilled to be back at Boston Art Underground as the new Assistant Editor!

Anna lives on the South Shore with her husband and their adorable yet sometimes evil cat, Crazy. When she's not geeking out about art, Anna enjoys running, yoga, kayaking, reading and playing old school video games.


Elana Willinsky

Elana Willinsky is a native Bostonian and soon-to-be graduate from Emerson College where she will receive her BFA in Writing, Literature and Publishing with a Political Science minor. In her spare time she tutors at 826 Boston, remains a voracious reader and travels to places where there are lots of trees and/or a tide. She has always been magnetized to the creative movements and spaces throughout the Boston area and particularly loves cross-media experimental projects. A shy but serious poet, (extremely) amateur wood crafter and slightly obsessive people person, Elana is enthused by the opportunity to delve even deeper into the arts scene of Boston and the myriad of personalities and creative minds that comprise it.

Maria Napolitano

Maria Napolitano moved to Cambridge after graduating from Cornell University, where she studied English and Spanish. She is currently working as a publishing assistant for an academic press located in downtown Boston. In her spare time, she enjoys writing, painting, knitting, and other activities considered typical of the "elderly cat lady" demographic. When she is feeling young, she can be found at the gym, getting lost in the city, or talking to strangers. Maria is originally from New York City, and struggles to keep her loyalty to the Yankees a secret. Her family—consisting of her parents, two younger sisters, two cats, and three goats—currently lives on a small organic farm in northern Connecticut. Maria tweets as @maria_regina39; following her will add a mix of trivial observations, snarky retweets, and offbeat current events to your feed.

Mallory Craig

Mallory recently moved to Boston to explore a career in music, immigration, and storytelling. She is a recent graduate of LIU Global, and spent the last four years studying in living in various countries around the world. After she completed her fieldwork in Jerez de la Frontera, Spain for her thesis on flamenco as a genre born in the margins of society, she moved to New York City. In NYC she spent her time working at a bakery and surveying subway musicians for Music Under New York. Throughout her studies in Central America, India, China, and South Africa, Mallory concentrated her research on art and community development. Her ideal Sunday is one spent over coffee and almond croissants chatting it up with artists with stories of struggle or beauty (but usually both).

Rachel Parker

Rachel Parker, native of Boston, is a recent graduate of Mt. Holyoke College with a degree in English and Art History. Back in the city and relishing the local art scene, over the past year she has interned in two galleries. Now she is writing display labels for a local museum, writing, walking dogs, and playing amateurish piano. She loves to think, talk and write about art. Rachel's a loyal T rider and enjoys walking around downtown Boston (rain or shine!), visiting galleries and eating great food.