Latitude 45: Landscapes by Mike Weymouth @ The Copley Society of Art


Text Written By Rachel Parker


Recently, I visited The Copley Society of Art and was delighted by an unsuspecting exhibition. Hidden away in a small back gallery of the Copley Society is a real treat that takes you far away from the New England summer heat of the other works in the Small Works show to the French countryside. Mike Weymouth is from Maine, and coincidentally the latitude 45-line runs directly through Maine and through France and Tuscany giving inspiration to this show of landscapes. The colors in this small show of fifteen paintings are stunning.


In Mustard Fields, Dijon the intense orange-yellow of the field, and the pale blue sky are thinly separated by a distant scene of trees and farm houses. The depth to this painting is surprising because of the flatness of the field and its oneness of color. However, Weymouth conjures up the exact feeling of the place transporting his viewer with just the barest, loose brushstroke. On The Road to Monteroni d’Arbia is similarly taken over by one color. A bright green swathe of land rolling away into the distance is only interrupted by a house or two and a cold, cloudy triangle of sky.


On The Road to Auxerre excels at recreating the atmosphere of a country road in France. It is exact in every way conjuring up a place that is so remote to the New England landscape. One can imagine the road streaming past this stand of tall trees, and the mirage-like reflection of the trees in what looks like water below.


Very different from the other breezy, luscious paintings in the show; On The Road to Poilly en Auxois is dark and brooding. It seems intensely labored over. The heavy brushstrokes and the heavy color outline the few shapes of trees and house with great effort. The rest of the painting is taken over by a moody sky and a dark, rusty ground; the two separated by the intense black and orange lines of horizon.


GET THERE:  Take the Green Line to Copley.

MORE INFO: | For more information on Weymouth visit the Copley Society’s blog

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