IDEA SPOTLIGHT: The Tremont Underground Theater Proposal

There are miles upon miles of abandoned subway tunnels beneath the city of Boston. As the hub expanded, routes became obsolete, and old tunnels were left to the elements. These tunnels have been unused and unthought of for years, but two remarkable Boston architects, Sapir Ng and Andrzej Zarzycki, recently proposed an inspiring idea:

“What if the abandoned Tremont Street Subway Tunnel became an interactive social environment? What if we shifted these contemporary urban ruins into a network of underground, interactive social environments—experiential theatres and immersive digital art galleries—while celebrating the past through a media-infused trolley museum inside North America’s oldest subway system?”

The proposal has been met with excitement by multiple community groups, but still needs more support to push forward. The duo has also received verbal encouragement from the MBTA, whose spokesman Joe Pesaturo welcomed them to pitch the project.

So what can you do? Spread the word! “Like” The Tremont Underground Theater Space on facebook, tell your friends, tell organizations that you’re involved in, the more momentum this proposal receives, the more likely its chances of coming to fruition are.

This project has the capacity to turn Boston into a real destination for artists and art-lovers. Let’s not let it slip into oblivion.

For more information, visit the Tremont Underground Theater Space’s website.

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