HallSpace By Zack Tretheway

If you happen to be around the JKF/UMass spot of the Red Line, do yourself a favor and take a left down Dorchester Avenue. On the left side of the road, about a half mile down, you’ll find a large brick complex that resembles the old mills that used to cover half of Massachusetts. Walk into the parking lot and look for the green transformer which is neither an Autobot nor a Decepticon. What it is, is a marker for the entrance of HallSpace Gallery.

HallSpace, now in its third incarnation, is a small, artist friendly gallery that is run by John Colan. He moved the gallery here in December of 2007 from Roxbury, Colan had to rebuild the inside of the space as it was lacking the proper utilities. He officially opened the spot in February of 2008 and is now celebrating his twentieth year as a gallery owner and operator.

HallSpace runs roughly six to seven shows per year. Currently, they are featuring drawings by local artist Jeffery Hull, who Colan has shown multiple, and in September there will be a showing of small drawings (12×12 paper, no frames, no canvas). A call for submissions has already been sent out.

Colan has no prejudices when it comes to showing artists. He has featured poets, painters, sculptors, animators, and photographers. He has even had guest curators come in and direct showings. HallSpace has featured the works of local artists, Barry Hazard, Jo Ann Rothschild, Rico Pinardi, and Bill Flynn.

When asked what he thought was the best to get the word out in the art’s community, Colan went with social media. In his eyes, the best thing about social media is seeing the interaction happen, as it’s happening, among the community. Before it may have been newspapers and magazines, but, Colan felt those were mainly pushing gallery reviews to the people who were already involved with the arts community.

As to the outlook of the community looking forward, Colan has nothing but hope. In his eyes, the Boston arts community has been strong for years and years, but, it is posed to get even stronger. He points to the recent plan pushed forward by Mayor Marty Walsh, the Boston Creates Cultural Plan, a ten-year plan that is aiming to push the art community to the center of Boson’s already vibrant identity.

HallSpace is located at 950 Dorchester Ave just outside of the JFK/UMass Red Line Stop. Drawings by Jeffery Hull will be featured until August 13 and the 12×12 = 1 Square Foot Exhibition opens on September 3.

Check out www.HallSpace.org for more details.


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