1. Identifying in the Art World

  2. Meet Our New Assistant Editor: Anna Dunbar!

  3. We’re Back, Boston!

  4. Have Your Voice Heard! Write for Boston Art Underground!

  5. 100th POST GIVE-AWAY! Le Meridien Cambridge: A Photographer’s Journey

  6. EVENT SPOTLIGHT: Pictures From Treat YoSelf @ RADIO

  7. BAU NEWS: Please Welcome our Three New Writers!

  8. Come See Us @ RADIO!

  9. Hey! We’re HIRING!

  10. Vote for Boston Art Underground for this year’s Massachusetts Cultural Council Awards!

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Boston Art Underground makes find art in Boston easier. No matter where you are in the city, world-class exhibitions and galleries are never more that short subway ride away. Using the MBTA subway map as a guide, Boston Art Underground’s one-click stop familiarizes its users with the art spaces in Boston and showcases local artists and organizations.